Monday, April 12, 2010

Just The Facts, Ma’am

It was a long vacation, but a much needed one. All these years I've been leading a "dog's life." Ziser has called me back into action. It was late yesterday evening - I was watching the Westminster Dog Show re-runs, one of my favorites, when my ol' buddy David Ziser of calls.  He had a sense of urgency in his voice.

Ziser and I go back a lot of years - a lot of stories to be told by the fire hydrant and a lot of water under the bridge. Ziser helped me out a lot in my younger days. He helped me break my habit of chasing cars.  He helped me give up my fixation with that long haired hottie, Lady, of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp fame.Woooof!! does she get my tail a waggin’! He paid for me to enroll in the Dog-Gone-Good Doggy Detectives correspondence school.  I owe him a lot. Now it's time for me to return the favor.

Joe McNally reg He told me about this McNally guy.  He runs some kind of blog.  Hey, what do I know about a blog – other than it rhymes with dog. Seems he's some sort of famous National Geographic photographer. 

I remember seeing his picture years ago when Ziser and I went to the post office to buy stamps.  Yea, his smilin’ face was up on the wall grinning with that alley cat smile of his. It was right up there with lots of other dognappers, too. Granted, I was pretty close to the ground, so maybe the picture I saw wasn’t him – sure looked like him though.  I checked this McNally guy out anyway.  He can't be that famous - he's only photographed 5 dogs in his life.

Ziser told me they were friends or so it seemed - till yesterday when he ran that doggone story on Ziser stealing the Tri-Grip "whatjamacallit".  I know a thing or two about friendships. Regardless of what they say, not every dog is man's best friend, and this guy sounds like the last guy I’d want to be friends with. But another story for another dark moonless night over some Beggin' Bits.

I told Ziser I'd help out. I'd get to the bottom of these shameless dog- gone silly accusations. It sounds like there's more to the story than just a missing Tri-Grip "whatjamacallit" too.  Missing lights at NAPP?  What's that all about?  I hear Mr. Scott Kelby was looking to pilfer Ziser's Zumbrella idea and market it as his own ScumBrella.  Then I heard from the kennel gossip he and this McNally guy were going to come out with a larger version and call it a Jumbrella. Boy-of-boy, speaking of slippery characters! It all sounds like a bunch of "doggy doo doo" to me - if you know what I mean.

I'm heading out now - sniffin' out all the facts till I get to the bottom of this bone chillin’ mystery. I'll get an update over to Ziser's DigitalProTalk Readers tomorrow.

Arf, Arf, Till Then, 

Snoop – The News Hound


A said...

Can't...stop... laughing. I am sure this will turn out to be just a harmless mis-undertanding (I hope).

J. Brune said...

I watched Westminster too. There's no way Sadie should have won unless that final judge was from Scotland! You may want to check out the modifiers they used on their stage lights, I could have sworn I recognized a familiar logo on them!

David Solo said...

This is a vicious slur on the character of a fine southern gentleman ! How dare that yankee doodle from up there in New York Citee cast such aspersions. I did it ... it was me! a stole the whatchamacallit and I'll return it on condition that Mr Mcnally prostrates himself in Times square and ask for the forgiveness of "DA LORD ZIZUH" I just wanted to take dat Mcnally down a peg and see if he could cope without his "bouncer" equipment...